what I-D-art is?

It is a guarantee mark that, together with its label, recognizes compromise with innovation and development through art, inside companies in a national and international scope. I+D+Art label analyzes the global quality of the company, not only the products or services of it.
I+d+Art seeks to value companies that strive in broadening human knowledge, either promoting innovation and development in the evolution of its products or supporting art as a part of their business model.


Basics of the certificate


Self-stimulation. I+D+Art claims that without stimuli an idea cannot grow, and these stimuli must be both internal and external. I+D+Art Certificate analyzes, checks and evaluates those stimuli that do improve the services of a company.


In I+D+Art we are interested in well done work, therefore we look for companies in which manual work still matters but is also adapted to industry and to 21st century ways.


Communication. If there is something necessary in nowadays society, that is communication. Sharing knowledge and ideas enriches the solutions of a company. That is why we support and strengthen the transmission within businesses under our label.


We believe that culture and industry are not independent concepts. They can unite and obtain great results. Certified companies by I+D+Art know very well this relation; therefore art is present in its products and services.


I+D+Art considers that innovation, development and art are present in the ideas of young enterprising and, in fact, they are the ones in charge of enriching the net formed by today professionals.

Innovación, desarrollo y arte

Requirements and advantages


Achieving the acronyms I+D+Art or creating expectatives and carrying them out: supporting dissemination, spreading or teaching projects related to art.


Being a registered company, with I+D+Art proposals and associated programs to art and design.


Relying on a web platform in which new ideas, concepts and products of the company are promoted. If the business does not possess its own platform, I+D+Art agrees to collaborate with its construction.


Supporting new creators that look for talent and transmitting experience, for instance through idea competitions in the university environment or by giving seminars and talks in educative centers for students to have a broader idea about the professional sector.


Together with I+D+Art engagement, there is a quarterly publication in which actions and new products of companies will appear under the label I+D+Art


Possibility of connecting to other businesses associated to the quality label: collaborations, synergies…


Possibility if organizing seminars in different and prestigious universities of various branches such as humanities, sciences or fine arts.


Advice and image, communication and graphic design courses or office IT associated to photography, edition or web development.

known the activities of our certificate

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